Best Alchemy Games

Start with four elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth and combine them to create new elements. Then use them to make different ones. That is the short summary of the so called alchemy games. It is a new type of puzzles attracting thousands of players to worldwide competing with their friends on who can find all the combinations in the games.

There are many alchemy games to choose from in the app stores, but which one should you try? Read on and you will find that out.

1. Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy first appeared on Google’s Chrome Webstore in 2010. This makes it the earliest online alchemy game. Thanks to its developer Jakub Koziol the game received frequent updates with new combinations since then.

Currently the ever-growing-list of combinations has 530 elements plus an extra 30 candy combinations that are exclusively available in the Pokki version of the game.
Already found all of them? Do not worry! The game has hidden gems for the best players, they can be revealed once all the combinations have been found.

Need help? Check out the official help which gives you hint about one random combination. If you are more curious than that or need more help just take a peek at list of combinations found so far by the fans of the game.

2. Doodle Alchemy

Doodle Alchemy

Doodle Alchemy is the latest addition to the pack. It features amazing graphics and great sound effects. The game has categories allowing easy navigation between the different combinations. In addition to the achievements that can be unlocked after finding certain number of combinations, you will be also rewarded with hints. which you also normally get each and every day when you play with the game.

Not a long ago we shared the list of combinations we found so far. If you are looking for more details on the walkthrough you might want to check this website.

3. Alchemy Classic HD

Alchemy Classic HD

Alchemy Classic (HD) is based on Christian Steinruecken’s The Alchemy Game (released in the 90s, considered by many is first alchemy game) and developed by NIAsoft. This is one of best looking alchemy puzzle with exciting incredible addictive gameplay.

Unlike the other alchemy games in Alchemy Classic you can create new combinations not just from a pair of existing elements, but from more than two existing elements. Luckily tapping on the “i” button shows the elements that are solvable and how many elements are needed to create them. In addition to that like in Doodle Alchemy you can earn hints by finding combinations, which can eventually be used to purchase recipes of undiscovered elements. Otherwise here is some help.

4. Zed’s Alchemy

Zed's Alchemy

Zed’s Alchemy – developed by Andrey ‘Zed’ Zaikin – is most dowloaded alchemy game to date in Google’s Play Store. Millions of players cannot be wrong, right? Indeed, the game is really fun to play and just as challenging as the others. As of writing this post the game offers 390 combinations to explore.

Although the game focuses a simplicity, we would really like to see more features that can enhance the gameplay with more frequent combination updates. In case you need some help this complete list of combinations might be a useful resource for you.