Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons Review

Brothers A Tale of Two SonsOne of the best video games released in 2013 for PC and consoles finally saw the light of day on mobile platforms (iOS and Android) a while back. A tragic tale of loss, redemption and family love is quite a special experience, giving you heartbreaking story accompanied with striking design and original control scheme. Two brothers living relatively quiet life are faced with the loss of their mother which drowned and left them to take care of their sick father, who needs medicine in order to be well again. At the start of the game Naiee and Naia (two brothers from the title) have to take their ill father to the healer, and after that, their big adventure really begins.

On their journey, they will face numerous obstacles, presented in the form of clever puzzles which can be solved only if brothers work together. And that was, aside from a chilling story, the best part of the game. On consoles, you’d use left and right thumbstick to control both brothers simultaneously, an original idea that worked like a charm. But when having only a touch screen, controls felt a bit awkward and sluggish; after a while, you’ll get used to them (or find a controller and hook it to your device), and really start enjoying the game.

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Each brother has unique skills and most of the time, combining the skills of both is crucial for the advancement through the game. You have to move one brother at a time, and use their skills at the right spots. The Older brother is stronger, able to push obstacles, or lift them, while the younger one is smaller, perfect for crawling through tight gaps and hidden paths .Graphics, animation, and overall art style are incredible; Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons certainly is one of the best looking mobile games at this moment. Beautiful environments, color-rich shading and game world that feels truly alive give this game piles of charm, making you enjoy every moment of it. Small things happening while playing, like interactions between two brothers, or them talking to strangers look and feel incredible; this game is all about small details lifting it well above the competition, both on mobile and consoles.

Brothers - A Tale Of Two Sons

The strongest asset and one that puts the game way ahead of most other mobile titles is the story. We won’t spoil it for you, it is best that you slowly enjoy it yourself. While controls can fell a bit clunky, the overall experience can only be compared to the one found in Monument Valley, where gameplay, visual presentation, and soundtrack combine into one unforgettable experience. This is one mobile game that should be played by all, no matter what types of video games you like playing.
There are some tips that can get you out of those, at the first look unsolvable puzzles, which we, of course, share with you.

Get Used To Controls

Controls in this game are quite different from any other video game out there, so it is crucial to learn to use them well enough. Just try to remember that older brother is controlled by the left joystick and younger one by the one on the right, even if they are on opposite side of the screen. This will help you in those situations where you have to control both of them, and when your brain just won’t listen.

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

Look At the Surroundings Carefully

Even though almost all the puzzles can be solved in a matter of seconds, you will get stuck on a couple of occasions. The best way of overcoming them is to just stop and carefully look around you. Is there an object that can be picked up; or a hidden path placed in a spot that’s hard to find? Or maybe a crack in the stone which younger brother can crawl through? Just be aware of your surroundings and you’ll complete the game without a single serious problem.