Bushido Bear – Top 3 Tips

Bears are cute, cuddly creatures that love honey above anything else, at least according to popular culture. But in Bushido Bear (available on iOS and Android), you’ll learn that bears can be nimble, fast and deadly while staying cute as hell. The premise is simple, you get lost while on forest only to found an ancient forest guardian, in bear form (well, of course). He tells you about his problems and since he’s too old to protect forest anymore this important task falls on your hairy bear back.
Bushido Bear Gameplay

Bushido Bear is a beautiful arcade that’ll make you love bears even more (well, except if you run into one out in the wild), and with its simple yet effective gameplay, it will make hours pass like minutes. All you have to do in order to eliminate enemies is to draw lines. Yes, it’s that simple; you draw lines passing near enemies, and after every line is complete your ninja bear will sweep his way through drawn path and kill everything in his way.

But be careful, because lines can’t run through enemies; if that’s the case you’ll meet your end and will have to start again. There are gameplay moments from Fruit Ninja and Mini Ninjas, while art style is similar to Alphabear, another game made by Spry Fox. There are no levels to beat, just endless hordes of enemies that will appear until you make a deadly mistake. Aside from avoiding drawing lines passing through enemies, you’ll have to dodge projectiles and places where enemies appear. Simple, fun and challenging.

There are five different stages to play in, and they will unlock as more and more mission sets are beaten. And while we talk about missions, there are made like in any other mobile game. Destroy a certain amount of enemies, get a certain amount of points, etc. By fulfilling them you’ll get coins, which are used to buy upgrades, making your ninja bear faster and more deadly. Coins are also earned while playing, and aside from upgrades you can spend them at the shrine; a shrine is a place where you can get tokens which unlock more bears, and some visual upgrades.

Bushido Bear Gameplay

When you unlock more bears, death can be postponed; you can choose another bear after the one you play with goes away, and continue playing where you left. A nice mechanic that uses new characters in a way much better than usual. Instead just giving players characters that only looks different, each bear has its own set of traits, allowing you to choose the one suiting you the best. Overall, Bushido Bear is a perfect little arcade made to last on your phone for weeks and months. In order to be good enough at Bushido Bear and not uninstall it after couple of hours, here are some useful tips and tricks that will help you in making the forest a safer place:

1. Practice Drawing Those Lines

When starting with the game, you’ll notice that sometimes lines just can’t follow a path you drew, or that they are just a hair too close to enemies, making you dead and gone. To overcome this, just practice; try to draw lines as close to enemies as you can. After a while you’ll become a Picasso of Bushido Bear gameplay, slicing through hordes of enemies almost effortlessly.

2. Choose A Bear That Suits You Best

Not all bears are the same. Some are faster but more vulnerable, some are hard to hit but slow as snails. Don’t be afraid to experiment; as soon as you unlock a new character, try it out. Who knows, maybe it’s the perfect one for you. Remember, not all of us play games the same, so trying out different characters is the key to getting better at the game.
Bushido Bear Gameplay

3. Move, Move, Move!

Bushido Bear is all about slicing and dicing. Standing still will not get you far. Remember, you can get killed by a single blow so moving is the key. It is important also because random bonuses appear out of nowhere so it’s best to jump from one point to another all the time; this way you’ll be focused all the time, and will keep momentum needed for quick slashes, quick power up collecting and faster-than-bullet projectile dodging.