Can You Escape – Craft Cheats

Can You Escape - CraftA wonderful addition to the rare genre of escape games; Can You Escape – Craft is an intelligent product that will challenge your wit and wisdom. The brainchild of gaming developers MobiGrow, the game is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the Apple iTunes App Store for the devices operating on iOS. Can you Escape – Craft is also highly rated on the Play Store with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and has more than 50,000 Downloads to its name which makes it a popular smartphone game in its category.
Can You Escape - Craft Gameplay

Can you Escape – Craft belongs to the puzzle game genre and the main objective here is to try and escape from each room. The goal is to use certain objects and use them to ultimately open the door to the room ensuring your escape. You will need to discover the objects through clues that will be provided at the start of the levels. As you move forward the game will start getting harder and this is where the following tips will help you make the highest score and impress your friends and family.

1. Tap everywhere

This is the easiest way to lower down the difficulty of this game. The hardest part in Can you Escape – Craft is to discover the hidden objects and tools that you require to escape from the room. When you tap everywhere there is a huge chance of finding the basic objects that are hidden in plain sight but cleverly disguised. Some objects will be hidden more deeply though. In order to discover these you will have to use the clues provided at the start of the levels or use logical thinking to estimate their positions. Tapping everywhere on the screen is just a tip and you should rely primarily on your own intelligence to escape from the rooms.
Can You Escape - Craft Gameplay

2. Take your time

The game has no time limit to complete the levels and is basically a thinking game. Therefore take your time and ponder upon the clues in order to better judge the positions of the hidden items. The later levels generally take a lot of time to complete due to their complex object discovery process. Playing a level multiple times will definitely reduce the time you take to complete the level but do not be discouraged if you take too much time on a level as this is one of the hardest games available for smartphones.

3. Combining items

A large number of different objects exist in Can you Escape – Craft and in most cases you will have to combine the single objects in a way to make a proper tool for your escape. For example once you find a screwdriver you will need to use it to access the hiding place of another object. Also you may find a bulb and table lamp and you will need to fit the bulb in the lamp to reveal a secret message.
Can You Escape - Craft Gameplay

4. Look for clues

The game becomes much easier if you know the right clues to complete the level. The clues are mostly hidden in plain sight like a number on the side of a painting that is the code for a safe or a combination of lights. Just look for the clues and the game will become much easier for you.