Chameleon Run – All Tips You Need

Chameleon Run looks like just another endless runner but the game is so much more than that. Firstly, it isn’t an endless runner type of game, it’s actually a fast-paced platformer where your character moves automatically, with you doing all the tapping in order to leap over gaps and avoid obstacles. Gameplay mechanics have lots in common with Rayman mobile games, with one twist. As the title suggests, your character must switch between two colors in order to run on platforms. Yellow and pink platforms can only be crossed if your character matches the color of them while black areas must be avoided. Color switching is reserved for the left half of the screen, while left half is reserved for jumping, the second important part of the gameplay. There is basic and long jump, double jump, falling and falling double jump.

Chameleon Run Gameplay

These two combined make one hectic, a bit hard, but rewarding experience. You’ll blaze through levels at very fast pace, switching colors and jumping at just the right time in order to complete them, sometimes dying tens of times before finally reaching the finish. Every level has three objectives that gradually unlock after completing the previous one. The first objective is to collect all marbles, second is to collect all crystals, and third, the hardest one, is to complete the level without switching color. The good thing is that levels change a bit after you complete each objective, so you won’t run through the same level over and over again. In addition to these three objectives, you can earn stars by finishing levels as quickly as you can. All in all, Chameleon run is one extremely fun mobile game that hits all buttons perfectly. Fast paced, easy to pick up, challenging, and perfect for short gaming sessions while you ride on a bus, or wait for a class to start.

Chameleon Run Gameplay

The game’s not free, but for the price of one cup of coffee, you’ll get many hours of pure fun. If you enjoy fast-paced platformers, of Rayman mobile games, Chameleon Run is for you. One of the best mobile games right now, that’s for sure.
Of course, the game can be a bit challenging at times, so we’ll arm you with some helpful tips in order to enjoy it even more.

1. One Objective At A Time

The first two objectives, picking up all marbles and crystals, can be both completed in one run but it is better to do them one at a time. This way is much easier because you’ll be focused on just one objective, and the game will last you longer.

2. Two Thumbs Coordination

Since the left part of the screen is reserved for color switching and right for jumping, mistakes will be made. The best way of avoiding this is to play starting levels a couple of times so you can better coordinate your thumbs before jumping to harder levels.
Chameleon Run Gameplay

3. Learn Every Level First

Before trying to complete the first objective, it is best to just finish the level first. You’ll learn it, thus making the objectives much easier to complete.