Crashing Season Tips

Crashing SeasonCrashing Season is a unique take on hunting games; you are in a closed arena with the only goal of crashing into various enemies and knocking them down. It’s quite different from Deer Hunter, or Dino Hunter, but it has some similarities. You collect coins, unlock new XP levels, and buy upgrades. Oh, did we forget to mention that you play as an animal? Boar, Moose, Bear, Fox, all of these animals (new creatures become available when progressing to a new world) will run, crash, and use their special abilities in order to stay alive until all of the goals are completed, and the next level becomes unlocked.

Goal requirements will not disappear when you die, you can start again and all that you achieved will be there. The only negative side of this mechanic is that when all goals get completed, the level ends, and you receive next three goals to complete in order to achieve the next XP level.

Crashing Season Gameplay

You progress by completing goals, unlocking new XP levels and gaining access to new stages. New stages get unlocked by achieving a certain XP level, and on every fifth stage, you’ll get a chance for a boss battle. Fallen enemies leave coins and health pickups, for coins you can unlock new animals, get upgrades, unlock new powers; getting new outfits will cost you coins or gems, gems are earned through prizes when next XP level is unlocked, or with real money.

Controls are simple as they can be. Your beast runs at a certain auto pace, tapping left part of the screen will make animals turn left, while tapping right side will turn them right. And that’s all, simple, easy, and effective. There are three worlds to explore; a regular forest, desert, and a polar region. Unlocking later regions require a pretty high XP level, so it will take some time before you get out of the forest.
Crashing Season is a free to play title, and the worst part of it is obnoxious energy system. When you die a couple of times and your energy gets depleted, you can get one extra try by watching a video ad, buy energy with real money, or wait for energy to refill. It would be great if developers made an option to pay a couple of bucks and remove energy completely, but that’s not possible.

Crashing Season Gameplay

Crashing Season is a fun little game, where you can take out all those nasty hunters, get a bit of revenge on humans, and feast your eyes on beautiful graphics and art style. Highly recommended.
The game can be hard and unforgiving at times, so we decided to share a couple of useful advice with our faithful readers in order to help them get better at the game.

1. Always collect health refills

Hunters carry guns (or a similar ling range weapon), guns fire, and hit you, often. Make sure to collect every health refill available. They are scattered around stages in the form of mushrooms, or left behind some fallen enemies.

2. Try hitting enemies from afar

Use your surroundings; always try hitting enemies from a distance, by ramming stones, or logs, sending them into foes. This way, it will be harder for them to hit you, and easier for you to avoid projectiles.
Crashing Season Gameplay

3. Use special abilities often

Every animal has one unique ability, whether it’s overcharged ram move used by moose or a stun blast deployed by the bear. There are also shared abilities which every animal can use, and they include time- decelerating snail, hypnotizing snake, or coin gathering magnet. Every ability is there to help you knock down enemies and should be used as often as it can. As soon as you see ability meter get recharged, use it.

4. Focus on completing goals

When you complete three goals, a new XP level is unlocked, granting you prizes and new stages, so when playing a level, be sure to focus solely on goal requirements. Some goals can be completed just by unlocking a new animal, or upgrading certain ability, and every goal can be passed, for a certain amount of crystals.