Cryptica – Top Tips

CrypticaCan you succeed where all the wise men have failed? Cryptica is a relic finding puzzle game that tests your creativity as well as patience. The app is developed by Pixibots and is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the Apple iTunes App Store for the devices operating on iOS. Cryptica is also highly rated on the Play Store with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 and has more than 1 Million Downloads to its name.
Cryptica Gameplay

Cryptica belongs to the puzzle game genre and the main objective of the game is to solve different puzzles by moving blocks on the screen into their matching slots on the puzzle board. The game uses simple swiping horizontally or vertically gestures to control the movement of the blocks across the puzzle board. Although the concept looks easy enough, the difficulty increase with each level is very high and you will soon be left scratching your head for some clues. This is where these tips will help you to overcome your confusion and hopefully reach to the end levels of this brilliant game.

1. Movement of the Blocks

The game involves tricky movement mechanics of the blocks. The main problem is that when you move the blocks on the screen, all the loose blocks will start falling in the same direction (if possible). This is where you will have to utilize your brainpower in order to figure out the correct way to slide all the blocks while also rearranging individual blocks to avoid them falling out of place. The colored stones are your target and you have to bring these to the designated marks on the screen while making sure that their path stays free of other obstacles and dummy blocks.
Cryptica Gameplay

2. Be Patient

As is the case with every puzzle game, there is no time limit to the different levels of this game. In many later levels you will have to keep searching for items for 15 minutes or more before you find the right combination of blocks in order to achieve your target. Therefore it is very important to always keep your cool and make time your friend. Be patient in this game and you will definitely be rewarded.

3. Track your moves

Although Cryptica puts no barrier on the time you can take to solve the puzzle at each level, it does limit the number of moves that you are allowed to make by sliding each block towards its target spot. You need to always keep an eye on the number of moves you have remaining. This is displayed on a counter and you will need to make your initial moves in such a way that you have 1 or more extra moves remaining for the end of the levels.
Cryptica Gameplay

4. Experiment away

Cryptica is an untraditional puzzle game and encourages you to be creative while playing it. Don’t be afraid to experiment on the different levels. Sometimes you will need to move around the whole stage in order to place the blocks on their target spots. Let your imagination run wild and you will feel yourself enjoying every moment you spend playing this game.