Disney Magic Kingdoms Review

Disney Magic KingdomsA true continuation of Walt Disney’s legendary legacy and a heartwarming experience; Disney Magic Kingdoms is bound to leave you fantasy bound for days. Dubbed as the most magical app on the Play Store by critics and users alike, the game is a visual treat for the eyes and a perfect combination of addictive and interactive gameplay. Developed by Top Developer Gameloft, the game was bound for success as soon as it released on the Play Store. Gameloft is recognized as one of the best developers with huge and world famous titles like the Asphalt and Assassin’s Creed under their belt. Disney Magic Kingdom is no less popular with almost 10 Million installs to date and with an average user rating of 4.1 out of 5. As one category cannot do justice to the diverse gameplay of this game, Disney Magic Kingdoms is listed under three categories; Simulation, Action and Adventure in the Play Store. So if you are searching for a brilliant game which offers flavors from each of the most popular categories than your search is over.

Disney Magic

Disney Magic Kingdoms is an entire world spanning characters from over 90 years of the world famous Disney movies and cartoons. No matter if you are a 90’s kid or an 80’s adult, Disney Magic Kingdom has all your favorite childhood characters and even the most loved emblems of Disney, Mickey and Miney Mouse are present in the game. Meet Rapunzel or make your wishes come true with Cinderella, Disney Magic Kingdoms has all you could dream of and more. Play hundreds of fun animated quests that bring every pixel of your Kingdom to life.

Exciting Quests

The main story of the game revolves around the Evil Queen Maleficent casting a dreaded spell over the entire Disney Kingdom causing your beloved characters to get trapped in a magical prison. Collect memorable Disney themed items at the completion of each quest in order to free the characters from the witch’s evil spell. Play a riveting and addicting tale of Heroes and Villains as you stand against the most notorious characters of your childhood; Pete, Zurg, Mother Gothel and ultimately play your role in saving the kingdom from the clutches of the evil Maleficent.

Virtual Tour in Disneylands

Not only does Disney Magic Kingdoms offer a great storyline, the real feature that sets this game apart from others on the Play Store is its real life simulation of Disney Parks all around the world. These extraordinary and timeless attractions give the user a chance to explore the best of Disney worlds without spending a dime. The collection of Disney Parks in the game includes Disneyland California, Walt Disney Park, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris. The park building feature contains memorable attractions like “it’s a small world”, “The Monsters Inc Scare Factory” and awesome new attractions from Disney and Pixar movies like WALL E’s house and Cyclops Sushi.

Ready to Play?

Disney Magic Kingdoms is a free to play game and involves some in game purchases as well as some additional content of 150 to 250 MB that may be downloaded. Disney Magic Kingdoms is a magical universe ready to be explored by you, your friends and family. So what are you waiting for? Download and dive into your Kingdom!