Dulp Tips To Reach Max Score

DulpDulp is a reflex game, similar to Stack in its core, but with a completely different gameplay approach. You are faced with a spinning multi-colored wheel and your only goal in every level is destroying it. No more, no less. While this looks pretty simple, there are some touches making the game trickier to master.

First few levels are relatively easy to beat. There are just a few parts of the wheel, wheel spins at a slow pace, making it simple to launch the ball and hit the right color. Balls are of different colors, and you have to match the color of the ball with the color of a specific wall part. After a while, the wheel starts spinning faster, there are more colored parts, some of them very narrow, making the game very challenging.
On later levels, you’ll be faced with multiple wheels, one inside another, and getting a successful hit will be a thing to celebrate. Yes, the game is challenging, but if you concentrate enough and have a smart strategy, no level is unbeatable.

Dulp Gameplay

The presentation is minimal, with only objects on screen being the spinning wheel (or wheels) and balls used to destroy it. An excellent choice for this type of game, because when you have to achieve a high level of concentration, having less on-screen elements is crucial; you don’t want to break your focus by looking at pretty graphics, or over-the-top effects, believe me.

There are ads to watch between levels, they appear occasionally and can be skipped after a few seconds; since the game is free, this won’t be a deal breaker. Sometimes they even can help you concentrate, providing you a needed pause between levels. Dulp is a nice little game. Reflex-based gameplay, colorful but minimal graphics, and short gaming sessions that won’t bore you quickly give Dulp undeniable charm. Not for impatient gamers, Dulp is a game perfect for sharpening your reflexes and can even be used as a great brain workout. We prepared a couple of tips that will make you an expert in Dulp, be sure to read them all!

1. Timing is the key

Wait for a perfect moment, and launch the ball just before the part you seek destroying is just above the ball. This way, the ball will hit it right in the middle, giving you a nice motivation boost, and improving your accuracy.

2. Patience, Patience, Patience

Never rush, never launch the ball immediately. This is especially important at higher levels when there are two (or more) spinning wheels present. Patiently wait for that perfect moment when everything falls into place, then make your move. Wait a bit before the first shot to learn the speed of the wheel, and always be aware that even the slightest mistake means the end.

3. Make frequent breaks between levels

Even a single level can drain your concentration, especially in later stages. Be sure to make frequent breaks, in order to refill your focus and be able to make quality shots. If not doing so, you’ll realize that after a few consequent levels played, you are unable to make even one good shot.

4. Focus on destroying outer wheel first

Sometimes that won’t be possible, but if an occasion arises, be sure to destroy outer wheel before proceeding to smaller one inside. Because it’s bigger, the outer wheel spins slower, making you land perfect shots much easier.