How To Get Top Score In Stacks

stack With an influx of all kinds of games available for Android and iOS, it is getting harder and harder for gamers to choose something that suits their taste. If you are looking for a game that is smooth, visually appealing and minimalistic you need look no further. Stack is a game developed by Ketchapp which is top rated on both the Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Stack is as its name indicates, a tower building game and can be found in the Arcade section of both Play Store and Apple Store. The objective of the game is very simple; to keep stacking blocks upon each other until you fail to do so anymore.

This is an endless arcade game, so the main objective here is to get as high a score as possible. Stack is a brilliantly designed game with a simplistic approach which serves both as appealing to the gamers and also keeps them focused on stacking instead of displaying distracting backgrounds and pictures. In fact you will feel yourself getting pulled into the screen of your smartphone as you continue stacking higher. Stack can be compared to similar games like The Tower and Sky which are also Ketchapp games.

Stack may look like a very easy game but the main feature that makes this game so addictive is that it gets harder as you go higher and the increase is exponential. In order to impress your friends and family and keep challenging yourself, here are a few tips which will definitely help you get a much higher score in Stack.

1. Focus on the Base

As is the case with real life buildings, your foundation must be perfect in order for you to get to a high stage. The best way to ensure this is to practice on getting to at least 20 stacks with the big blocks. There is no time limit and the blocks are moving slow so your patience will be rewarded.

2. Aim for the Perfect Stacks

The stacks will flash when they are laid down perfectly and after every 8 consecutive instances of perfect stacking, the block will extend by a small amount. If you can achieve this again and again, you can aim for the highest score. Remember practice makes perfect so keep trying and you will greatly improve.

3. Adjust your vision with the Speed

This is one of the most common causes of failure. The game uses an isometric viewpoint and this makes it much harder to judge the movement of the blocks when at a higher stage. In order to compensate for this, take some time to observe the change in movement of the blocks as you stack higher. This will allow your brain to adjust itself to the relative speed of the blocks. It will take a lot of retries but learning this will be well worth the hard work.

4. Ignore the color changes

Even though Stack does a great job of limiting distractions, it is likely that at a higher stage, the most probable cause of your failure would be looking at the colors instead of the blocks. This will require high mental concentration but if you are able to master ignoring the color changes, it will be very easy for you to go above 100 or even more.