Hungry Shark World – Helpful Tips

Hungry shark, a mobile game series made by Future Games of London and published by Ubisoft (available on iOS and Android), is a modern take on an iconic Feeding Frenzy games. Your goal is simple as it gets – eat as many fish as you can, grow your shark while collecting gems and gold coins, and when enough points are gathered, unlock a new, bigger and better shark.
While this doesn’t sound too much different from the previous game, Hungry Shark Evolution, there is just enough new stuff to keep you interested for at least couple of days. There are seventeen shark species to pick from, but only the first one is unlocked right from the start. To unlock others, you’ll need to grind your way through three different maps placed in diverse corners of the earth (hence the name Hungry Shark World), or to pay real world money, the decision is up to you. The gameplay is frantic, enjoyable and a feast for eyes because of wonderful graphics and animation.
Hungry Shark World Gameplay

Your life scale gradually declines, so you must eat as fast as you can. You can also use boost in order to surprise your prey attacking them with incredible speed, perfect for fish traveling in packs. There are some foes that are better left untouched because if you try eating them, only your health scale will go down. On the other side, some prey can be eaten, but only with bigger sharks, so you’ll have plenty of reasons to grow enough and unlock the next tier of larger, more menacing sharks.

Maps are huge, they offer plenty of space to explore, and even if you played them dozens of times, there are still hidden areas that’ll surprise you from time to time. In Hungry Shark World, aside from unlocking new sharks, you can get cool accessories that not only look good but also give you certain bonuses, like more coins gathered or a bit more health, which really can come in handy. There are also a bunch of pets to choose from, they will also give you bonuses, and most of them are so cute you’ll love them more than your shark.

Hungry Shark World Gameplay

Hungry Shark World is an improvement over previous game; better graphics, more stuff to do, more maps and more sharks make enough reasons to try it out. Yes, if you want to unlock biggest sharks from XXL tier (The Great White One is one of them) you’ll have to grind for money, but there are no energy refills, timers or lives that have to be refilled in order to go on an onslaught one more time. And there are daily missions that’ll give you a steady gold income. If you like sharks and frantic awesome action, this game is for you. To help you unlock new sharks faster, and to live longer, here are some helpful tips:

1. Use Boost Carefully

Boost scale is very limited, it only allows for a couple of seconds of fast-as-a-bullet swimming so use it only when close to big fish packs, or when there are humans around; this way you’ll fill health scale much faster and will live longer.

2. Learn Which Creatures To Avoid

Some creatures will hurt you when trying to eat them, so it’s best avoiding them. These are blowfish, jellyfish, other sharks, and objects like underwater mines. BE careful and watch yourself, don’t get near them, and you’ll live more and eat more.
Hungry Shark World Gameplay

3. Always Watch Your Health Scale

More than once my shark died because I didn’t look at my health scale. When noticing that health is getting low, try to find some humans or fish traveling in packs to chop on. They will give you plenty of health, and you won’t have to swim like crazy, eating one fish at a time just so you don’t die. Hunting prey traveling in packs is the best way of getting tons of points and many coins.