Lonely One: Hole-in-one Cheats

Lonely OneThere are numerous golf games on Google Play, but Lonely One is unique in more than one way. Lonely Golf is a pure knockoff, Mini Golf Stars is a casual mini golf game, but Lonely One is a game that hits almost all the right cords. Cute graphics, sharp presentation, lots of unlockables to keep you playing, and a free-to-play model that won’t ask you to shelve out lots of money. In fact, you don’t have to spend a dime in order to enjoy the game in its fullest.

The premise is quite simple – you have to putt the ball in the cup in just one shot. Although this may seem hard to accomplish, holes are made in the way where with a bit of patience and accuracy hole-in-one will start to look like something you can do every time. Levels are randomly shuffled every time you start a new game, so they won’t bore you quickly, and there are hundreds of different shaped golf fields meaning that every game will be different.

Lonely One Gameplay

You start with three attempts, and every time you fail to achieve a hole in one, one attempt will be lost. When you fail three times the game ends. The good thing is that every time you make a perfect shot, meaning that ball lands in the cup without touching any bound, you’ll get one life. If the life gauge is full, no extra attempt will be given. Some courses will be windy, making it harder to achieve a hole in one, but the wind will appear only from time to time.

Coins are awarded for every good shot, and there are coin prizes from time to time. For those, you can unlock new playable characters, but the only difference between them is a visual one. Free to play model works perfect, you can get one extra attempt if decide to watch an ad, as well as starting the game with a score of 10. Spending money is possible only for buying of new characters, but unlocking them for free is also an option, although you’ll need lots of time to unlock them all.

Lonely One Gameplay

Lonely One is a nice little game, perfect for short gaming sessions, and the drive to beat high score is strong in this one. Since it’s free, there are no reasons to pass it. As with all games, we want to give you a slight edge when playing with a couple of useful tips to make you better at it.

1. Make use of aiming line

Dotted aiming line is your best friend. It’s very accurate and won’t move when lifting the finger from the screen. Use it to make as many perfect shots as you can.

2. Go with the wind

Wind speed has three levels and learning how much every speed level affects ball’s trajectory is crucial if wanting to achieve a respectful score. It’s relatively easy; just target a flat spot and see how much wind affects trajectory. This way you’ll be able to putt the ball in one attempt even with soaring wind.
Lonely One Gameplay

3. Always go for perfect shot

Not only it will refill one life, and give you extra coins, making perfect shots will also make you better at putting. When able to make almost every shot perfect, refilling lives will be much easier, as well as scoring high.

4. Change character with each new game

Ok, this may seem strange, but changing playing character frequently will make every game feeling more different than when always playing with the same one. This will give you extra motivation to score high, and will make the game more fun.