Maestria Review

A beautiful and relaxing game that visually captures your attention; Maestria is a treat for the eyes and an adventure for the senses. A unique addition to the puzzle gaming category by French Developer Antoine Latour, Maestria incorporates all the correct elements needed for a puzzler and much more. The game is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android users and on Apple’s Appstore for iOS users. As of the latest update is free to download and play. Maestria has a devoted fan base and quite frankly no one could stay unimpressed after visually feasting upon the amazing graphics of the game. The game has 100K downloads to its name which is not so much considering the great experience that this game offers but it can be attributed to the fact that the developer did not release any subsequent updates after making the game free to play. Nevertheless Maestria contains enough content with its 160 levels to keep you entertained for hours on end.

160 Levels To Play

Maestria is a game where you play the story of a little girl named Fugue who rings bells around the town. Each of the 160 levels in the game comprise of bells that you must ring while controlling the little girl and in the correct order. The protagonist, Fugue, can be controlled on the platform by swiping in the direction that you want her to move to. You can also tap the little girl to emit a sound wave from her magic wand that travels across the screen and makes a bell ring whenever it touches it. At the starting of each level an order will be specified and you must move the little girl across the screen judging the position of the wave that will be emitted according to the order in which the wave has to touch the bells. If the sound wave touches a bell out of order you will fail the level.

Stunning Visuals

One of the most appealing features of this game is its stunning graphics and breathtaking visual scenarios at each level. The visuals are so relaxing and sublime that you immediately feel yourself getting drawn into the screen of your smartphone and it is as if you are standing right beside the cute little girl as she waves her magic wand. The colors are vibrant and make the entire game look alive. These colors are mostly expressed in shades of whites, red and yellows and a black and white circle represents the expanding wave when the little girl waves her magic wand.

Great Music

Another noteworthy feature of the game is its beautiful melodies and serene background music. From the start of the story, the sweet music is what grabs your attention and instantly puts you in a relaxing mood no matter how stressed you might be at the moment. The sound effects that play as you solve the puzzles or when the order of the bells is being indicated at the start of a level are also a treat for the ears. Overall Maestria is a game that should be played just for the sake of relaxation if nothing else and mind you it takes a bit of brain power to solve the later stages so prepare to be challenged while you harmonize!