Mekorama – Useful Hints

Mekorama recently got released for Android, and it looks like the kind of game all fans of Monument Valley will enjoy. The basics are simple: you need to guide cute, tiny robot in his journey through of numerous mechanical dioramas. While it looks simple enough, Mekorama will provide a fair level of challenge for anyone, and fans of isometric adventure games will be pleasantly surprised with its beautiful art style, charming animations, and overall interesting levels.

The best thing about the game is the feeling of complete serenity while playing it; music is relaxing and the movement of the tiny robot so adorable that you’ll play the game not for the sake of solving puzzles, but for the joy of beautiful movement animations and placid music. Puzzles vary in difficulty from those that’ll be solved in a matter of seconds to the ones that will really put your brain cells in fifth gear in order to overcome them.

Mekorama Gameplay

Problems mostly focus on verticality, making you go up and down, in the quest of finding, or making, a correct path that’ll lead you to the goal. You’ll have to use moving platforms in order to overcome gaps or move to a higher ground. They include water, and sometimes you’ll have to dive into it in order to solve them. All in all, puzzles are varied, interesting and not too hard.

Movement is pretty straightforward; you just need to click on the tile you want the robot to move. If the movement to a particular tile isn’t possible you’ll see a tiny red square. The camera can be rotated and zoomed allowing you detailed view of the current level at any time. This is important because most of the puzzles require from you to zoom and rotate the camera in order to spot a hidden path or to find moving parts that have to be relocated in order to advance.

Mekorama Gameplay

There is also a level editor, allowing you to create dioramas of your own; after you create a level, you can create a QR code and then scan the level into it. A nice way to share user creations. The game is completely free, but you can tip the author if you want; there are 50 levels in the base game, but you can always find and download a bunch of user-created ones. Mekorama is a nice little game that will provide you hours and hours of fun puzzle solving. As Always, we’ll provide you with a couple of useful tips that’ll help you in completing this beautiful little game.

1. Always get to know level before you start it

Before making any movement, rotate the camera to see the view from all angles. Also, if you stuck, just slowly rotate the camera; that’ll help you in spotting hard-to-reach or hidden paths.

2. If you get stuck, play a different level

This is important; you don’t have to solve a level in order to unlock the next one. At any time, you can pick between three levels, so if you find a particular level too hard to finish, just go and play another. You can get back to it later, experienced with solving different puzzles.
Mekorama Gameplay

3. Be patient

Most of the levels require from you to look at them from every angle and to try every possible path to the finish. Be patient, take your time. There are many elements in most levels. You have to stop and think in order to reach the end, and just going forward without patience won’t get you very far.