Okay? Tips & Tricks

okay?An Indie venture and an excellent approach to thinking outside the box; Okay? is a brilliant new game that all gamers must give a try. It is developed by the self-funded and independent developer Philipp Stollenmayer and the game is available for download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes Store for Android and iOS devices respectively. Okay? has more than 3 Million downloads to its name and is getting rapid popularity as more people get attracted to its unique concept.

The interface used by the game is minimalistic in nature but still manages to be very interactive with the user. Based on an extremely simple concept, there are hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty and in each level you have to angle a small black ball so that it bounces from the geometric shapes on the screen, causing them to disappear. Relatively easy to play, the game puts your Indie ideologies to the test by showing you two options after the completion of each level. You can either choose to pay a small amount and support the developer or continue playing for free. The purpose of this choice is to test whether you would help an indie developer after trying out the game or would just keep on playing for free. In any case the game offers the same experience and the payment is basically like a donation to support the developer.

Even though the gameplay may look simple, the difficulty increases at the higher levels and you may find yourself struggling to keep up. In order to tap into your hidden potential and complete the levels at a faster rate than you thought was possible, follow these tips and tricks and you will notice a marked transformation from being amateur to being a professional.

1. Understanding the Geometry

Okay? is a game based upon the basic geometric shapes which are common knowledge to everyone. Mostly triangles and rectangles are used along with circles so having a good understanding of these can be very helpful.

2. The Perfect Angle

The ball strikes at an angle and the trajectory after it gets reflected must be in sync with the pattern required in order to complete the level. You get a chance to decide the trajectory first before launching the ball and you should use this time to adjust the perfect angle.

3. Moving shapes

The game traps you by making the shapes rotate or move. This makes it much harder for you to hit at the right spots. The key is to be patient and to only release the ball when you are dead sure that the trajectory is perfect. Remember, the movement is only to confuse you and focusing will ensure that you avoid making mistakes.

4. Black Shapes

These scary looking dark shapes are your friends. They do not disappear when hit by the ball and thus can be used for a variety of trajectory combinations. When deciding what path to choose, take the black shapes into account and make sure that they don’t block your path because they will not disappear when you hit them.