Pathfinder Adventures Tips

Pathfinder AdventuresPathfinder Adventures is a mobile take on a very popular tabletop game, delivered by Obsidian Entertainment, experienced RPG studio responsible for titles such as KOTOR 2, Pillars of Eternity, Dungeon Siege, Fallout New Vegas, the list just goes on and on. With developers experienced as Obsidian, it is justified to expect a maximum level of quality from Pathfinder Adventures, and we must say that they did a wonderful job.

The game is relatively undemanding, but bear in mind that rules don’t allow it to be easy for beginners. It’s simple, Obsidian managed to make a game be as straightforward as it could, but since the game is based on a tabletop RPG adventure with lots of different elements, you’ll have to take some time in learning the rules.

Pathfinder Adventures Gameplay

After finishing the tutorial, you’ll get access to the first couple of heroes, and adventure can begin. The game is based on using available cards, which can give you certain bonuses, additional die when rolling combat or spell check, or a damage reducing bonus. Your card deck serves as a life meter, and when you run out of cards, you’ll die. Simple, if an enemy damages your character he/she must discard a certain number of cards, losing a bit of health.

Scenarios incorporate a couple of locations which must be cleared of enemies before being able to close them, preventing bosses from running to them when encountered. You need to close all but one location in order to defeat scenario boss. Every single thing you find on a location is represented by a card; monsters, new weapon and armor cards, obstacles, etc.
Your characters have a standard set of traits (constitution, melee or ranged combat proficiency, wisdom, charisma, and such) and not a single character is overpowered. Some of them are strength based, excellent for combat, others are perfect for looting chests, or using spells, and combining them in a smart way is the key to victory.

Pathfinder Adventures Gameplay

The game can be hard at times, especially when playing the first couple of scenarios. Your party will not be at its full numbers, your heroes are underpowered and vulnerable, and dice rolling will be very annoying at times, like the game decided that you shall not pass!

Although the game is free to play title, you’ll need lots of coins in order to unlock new characters and scenarios. Since coin rewards after completing a scenario are less than humble, in order to enjoy the game in its fullest, you’ll have to shelve out some money. All in all, Pathfinder Adventures is an excellent mix of classic RPG formula and CCG. It demands from players lots of time and patience, but it’s one of the best games currently available for mobile devices. As with all games, we prepared a couple of helpful tips that will make your adventures easier, and enjoyable.

1. Finish the tutorial

You must finish the tutorial, and be sure to read and understand all important pieces of information. This will help you in learning the basic rules, and to understand the game’s many gameplay mechanics.

2. Combine different characters

In order to be successful, smart choices must be made when constructing a party. Combine tanks with healers, melee fighters with long-range mages, rogues with tanks. This way, every party you make will be able to adjust to different situations and to defeat all kinds of enemies.
Pathfinder Adventures Gameplay

3. Don’t give up

If you end up defeated don’t give up and delete the game. Make a different party, try different strategies, use different weapons. Since Pathfinder Adventures is made on the foundation of full-fledged tabletop RPG, some scenarios will be hard, but is playing smart, victory will be yours.

4. Always close all locations

Closing locations will leave the boss unable to retreat to them when defeated by you. By closing down all locations before battling the boss, you’ll be sure that the battle will happen only once, and that when defeating the boss it’ll be out for good.