Swiperoo – Helpful Hints

SwiperooSwiperoo is another reflex game, but unlike Dulp where your reflexes are put to the test, Swiperoo is all about hand-eye coordination. The premise is quite simple: you have a cube that must be swiped in various directions as long as you swipe against the arrows shown on its sides. As with most of this kind of games, it is easy to start but gets really tricky as your score grows. That’s because of the timer constantly reminding you about the time you’ve left, putting pressure at your fingertips. Making you prone to errors.

Another secret part of the formula is when four arrows pointing outwards (or inwards) appear from time to time, where you shouldn’t touch the screen until it disappears. This is very challenging because it takes the control out of you from time to time; it’s very hard not to swipe if you have to do that in order to progress. Be sure that most of the games will end as soon as this shows because you’ll swipe by instinct, especially because the timer ticks faster and faster as your score grows.

Swiperoo Gameplay

Getting a respectable score is hard, but with practice, you’ll become better and better, the important thing is to learn the opposite direction rule and be very focused so your fingers stay put when the cube featuring four arrows appears. Oh, and if one of four the arrows points in opposite way, you have to swipe against it because then, “don’t swipe” rule no longer applies.

Swiperoo Gameplay

The game is fun in short bursts, but can get very annoying if decide to play it longer than a couple of minutes, because your brain will get severely exhausted from being in constant focus. Believe me, playing Swiperoo for longer than, let’s say, ten minutes will make you jumpy, nervous and unable to focus on anything for a couple of minutes. Not recommended if studying, or doing some other work where a high level of attention is required.

Nevertheless, Swiperoo is a solid game, perfect for micro-gaming sessions; just don’t blame us if you throw your phone because of its high difficulty.
To make you better at Swiperoo, and to prevent you from losing your phone, we gathered some useful tips that should be read if wanting to enjoy this game.

1. Look at Arrows in Reverse

Just learn that swipes have to be made in opposite direction arrows are pointing and look at them like they are facing the opposite direction. It’s much easier than trying to learn your fingers to always swipe in a reverse direction because all our life is taking actions in direction signs point us. This way, a solid score is guaranteed.

2. Don’t Look At Timer

The timer is there to make you more anxious and to make mistakes more easily, so just ignore it. You’ll run out of time at first few tries because your swipes will take too long to complete, but after a while, when you learn to swipe faster, not looking at timer will help you tremendously.
Swiperoo Gameplay

3. Always Swipe Against Arrows Pointing Outward

Believe us it’s easier because they appear more frequently, and it’s easier to learn the rule of swiping against the arrow than towards it. Arrows pointing inward break that rule, adding another rule to the formula, so it’s better to just swipe against the arrow. Make swipes towards arrow pointing inwards only if you have no other choice.

4. Don’t Play The Game For Too Long

Our attention span is limited, and when playing a game like Swiperoo, it will dry up quickly, making you think you suck at the game when instead you just can’t focus as you should. So, play the game for a couple of minutes, after which you should rest your mind. This way, you’ll notice that you’re getting better, and won’t upset yourself as much.